You will be performing 2 mins freestyle with the music you selected. Send us your music file after you receive entry e-mail. Also , Bring a CD-R for your music just in case.

You can NOT wear YoYo related apparel other than YoYoAddict , sOMEThING , izm , FRESHTHINGS or Spinworkx logo on it.

You must use sOMEThING / izm by YoYoAddict or FRESHTHINGS yoyos.

How We judge :

Compulsory Tricks Tournament.
You will receive an unknown YoYo at the registration on the day of the event and you must use that YoYo.
Tricks in each round:

Your points will be calculated as

When you hit the trick in 1st try -> 5pts
When you hit the trick in 2nd try -> 3pts



No major deduction. (deduct by Clicker only)


10 Cleanness

Are the trick transitions and lines of movement of the yo-yo and string, precise, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing?

10 Choreography
Is the player able to play harmoniously to the music in an unforced way and in keeping with the overall flow of the music? Does the player demonstrate a variety of music use such as bangers on obvious ques, and adjustment of speed/size of his/her tricks?

10 Overall Presentation
Does the player use their music, attire, choreography, stage-use, and body language in a constructive way to create an overall impression?


0 Player’s combos comes to a halt due to mistakes, or they look uncertain when performing maneuvers at times.

1-2 Player executes tricks in a comfortable manner.

3-4 Player executes tricks in a comfortable manner, and shows finesse during transitions.

5-6 The trajectory of the yo-yo and string during tricks are well refined and aesthetically appealing.

7-10 Every movement is aesthetically appealing. The beauty of the play is obvious and appreciable to the audience.


0 The play has no relation to the music, or music ques are clearly miss-timed.

1-2 Certain key music ques are used and timed well.

3 – 4 Certain key music ques are used and timed well, and tempo of play throughout is consistent with music tempo.

5 -6 Player uses music ques, tempo and the beat to good effect.

7 – 10 Player uses a variety of sounds, beats, tempos, and lyrics where the relationship between the music and play is clear and synchronised.

Overall Presentation

0 No overall impression to be had from the performance.

1-2 The player is clearly aware that he/she is performing for a crowd, and conducts him/herself appropriately.

3-8 The player demonstrates: clearly defined freestyle structure, natural finesse, flair, effective stage use, and consideration of attire in relation to freestyle theme.

9-10 The player commands the stage with their performance, creating an atmosphere in the whole room which draws the crowd’s absolute attention.