sOMEThING WORLD KOREA heated up the snowing Seoul


sOMEThING WORLD KOREA was held in a artistic and edgy part of Seoul- Hongdae – where the art university and edgy bars and shops gather.

sOMEThING fans from all over Korea started showing up from 2 hours before the venue open and they waited under the snowy weather… Thank you so so much…!


Started with sOMEThING / IZM and Special Guest SHINJI SAITO introduction.

From new to OG players competed in freestyle contest.Even Asia champion Sojun Miyamura came all the way from Japan.

Between each groups of freestyle , Izm members and LEE MIN WOO showed their fresh freestyle.

Once every freestyle are finished , sOMEThING owner Hiroyuki Suzuki had a performance and then, Finally SHINJI SAITO showed the undefeated skill with the brand new LP.


We gonna have bigger venue next year , and 2 days possibly!?

DSC05347 のコピー
1A division.
1st 서정민
2nd 손옥기
3rd 김가원

DSC05340 のコピー
Y division.
1st 정용찬
2nd 이승윤
3rd 김민수