“Parachute” や “Million Voices” といった大ヒットを飛ばしているスウェーデンのEDMプロデューサー/DJ の OTTO KNOWS。Britney Spears の “Work Bitch” の作曲も手がけた。

彼の新曲 “Next To Me” のMVがヨーヨーを題材にした映像で、sOMEThING by YoYoAddict の PREMIERE , ANGLAM VER.CC そして所属プレイヤー村田カズヤが登場!!


OTTO KNOWS is a DJ / EDM producer who has had a number of hits and has collaborated with artists including Britney Spears,Avicci,Alesso and more.

His next coming new song “Next To Me” ‘s music video features YoYo and sOMEThING by YoYoAddict “PREMIERE” and “ANGLAM VER.CC” will appear on the MV.

Also, Kazuya Murata (sOMEThING) will be acting the main character in the MV.

Before its release on May 8th, here is the trailer of the video.